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This site is all about tight thongs. We will be offering FREE photos galleries

Of men who are into wearing tight thongs, showing off their bodies in tight thongs,

Women who enjoy men who wear tight thongs and all the different types of tight thongs that are available for men. There are tons of tight thongs gallery sites that feature photos of women. We thought it was time to show the beauty of men and how better to do that then showing the hottest models around both professional and amateur in tight extreme

Penis enlargement

Form fitting thongs.

We will have many tight thong gallery areas,

Standard men’s thongs made of spandex gallery

Standard men’s thongs made of spandex cotton gallery

Hybrid men’s thongs that are a mix of thong and bikini designs gallery

High cut men’s tight fitting thongs gallery, these have very narrow fronts showing a lot of skin

Micro front pouch tight thongs gallery, these designs just barely cover the penis, these suits require the wearer to be completely shaved or waxed.

Ultra extreme tight thong gallery, these designs usually form a pouch that is smaller then the base of the penis, the pouch themselves push everything out and away from the body.

These are the most extreme thongs of all.

Sheer spandex tight thongs gallery, these designs show everything and some of the designs are made to be used as swimwear. There are sheer tight thongs for men that are skin colored and these blend in so well to your body parts that unless another person is right next to you, the sheer color seems to look solid. These are very exciting to wear in public at the right beaches.

Tight thong fetish designs gallery, this gallery features thongs designs that show equipment. Some of the designs hide the shaft but display the balls, some thongs show the shaft but hide the balls and others show the entire penis as a display style suit.

There are tight thong style designs that include cock rings to make your penis appear larger in fact used correctly your penis is the largest it can be when using a cock ring.

Some of the tight thongs include a built in cock ring that no one can see, and they make you look fantastic. We will include a tight thong gallery dedicated to designs that enhance

Men and make their cocks look as large as possible.

Our final gallery of tight thongs will feature feminine style gender bending suits that virtually change a man to a women! We will feature a number of these vagina style men’s

Tight thongs. I have seen many models in these and I love to wear them myself, these so called gender bender suits create an incredible illusion of having no male genitalia,

when I wear these very tight very micro thongs I can and I have passed for a women.

I have had guys come up to me at the beach when I am laying out with a girl and hit on me with no idea that I’m a guy. In our gallery of tight thongs I will be including photos of myself along with many model photos.

Many of our photos are courtesy of www.koalaswim.com and www.koalamc.com

Our little group of guys putting this site together are all into thongs, and of course we all love the super tight tiny thongs.

This is a free site and we will do our best to build up each gallery and add new photos to

each gallery on a consistent basis, so make sure to bookmark us and check back often!

Our favorite company that creates the wildest most extreme men’s thongs, g-strings, bikinis, pouch only swimwear and the most amazing fetish suits are from Koala swimwear, they are one of the companies that really got me into the more extreme stuff, my tan-line is completely Koala.

We love thongs, we love they way they look on women and the way they look on men.

Each year on the beaches of Los Angeles I see more and more people wearing thongs,

there are more women then men but we hope to see more men and we hope in our own little way we can get men more excited about wearing tight tiny thongs and show how great they look in them.

One of the big things we preach about wearing thongs is good grooming. Most of the models you will see in each gallery are completely shaved or waxed. It is important that if you are at a public place like a beach or hotel wearing a very small thong that you remember a lot of skin is showing. Think about the girls you see in tight tiny thongs and how amazing they look shaved, completely hairless, well men you can look that good too. Hottest mens thongs, g-strings, bikinis and other extreme swimwear can be found at

Mens swimwear

Not only will the thong look so much better if all your pubic hairs are cleaned away but your cock will look that much larger. So when you peel off that tight little thong you will look totally tasty.

Future articles will talk about the best ways to take care of your thongs, how to clean them and keep them lasting a long time.

Would you like to add photos of yourself wearing tight thongs in one of our gallery sections? If so and if you are 18+ years or older send your photos to dregga12@yahoo.com


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interesting places. The more people that come here the more motivated we are to add photos to each gallery, to add interesting tight thong articles and true life stories.

Help us make this site a fun and exciting place to visit and come back to often.


All the models in our tight thongs gallery sections are 18+ years or older.

Thongs are very small and do show quite a bit of skin and some of the fetish photos show

full penis shots and all rears show complete butt shots so if nudity and the beauty of the male body is a problem for you please go elsewhere, this site is designed for liberal open minded adults to enjoy and to share with others.



All tight thongs gallery photos are

Courtesy of www.koalaswim.com,

www.koalamc.com and you exhibitionist

out there..thanks!

© 2008 tightthongsgallery.net , photos of men wearing tight thongs, gallery photos of all

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mens swimwear different styles of tight thongs for men  incliding the worlds most extreme tight thongs designs. Gallery sections included g-string style thongs, and fetish style tight thongs too.

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